Bright Stars Nursery School
1122 Pelham Parkway South
Bronx, NY 10461 USA
(718) 822-1829

Founded in 1998, Bright Stars Nursery School (Day Care) is a fully licensed program by NYC Deportment of Health dedicated to the education in Early Childhood. We offer to children in our care light, bright indoor spaces to learn, play, eat and nap.

The play areas are fully stocked with the latest in age appropriate, developmentally-oriented toys, games, books, puzzles. There are dramatic, music and art areas to encourage children to socialize and play together. Two fenced outdoor play areas feature playground equipment. Play structures are designed and installed for optimum safety.




Our Day Care offers a full day and half day program. We are operating 12 months a year. September through June is our regular academic school program. July and August summer camp indoor and outdoor activities.

We don't just keep them in the house with lots of babies! They need to have fun! Our large yard encourages active play!
All of our classrooms are near full, if you wish to enrolled please hurry!.
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